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As MRXPhotography grows and moves closer to becoming what I’ve always wanted a few changes will be coming over the next months… starting with my logo. Still a font based logo and mainly designed for watermark use, my logo now stands out more signifying how much time and effort I put into my work and how proud I am of it. The first few images to rock the new logo will be up in the coming weeks and there will also be another logo that MRXPhotography’s images play home to with partnerships coming in the form of a growing online magazine that I hope you will all support and follow as the dedication into it has been overwhelming to make sure that the features and articles being shared with you the readers are those in which you want to invest time into reading not just quickly scrolling through. Thank you all for over 6 years of following my work and pushing me to move forward. Here is to the next 6 years and more. #mrxphotography #newlogo @claymate90607 @outsidethegarage @onthegrounddesigns @clint_davis #photographernation

It was awesome meeting everyone at #dankfest this weekend. From friends and those I knew to new faces and fans of my work. Thank you all for the kind words and I look forward to all the shoots that you all have messaged me about and scheduled

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